I started my working life as an auditor. While I've always had an affinity to numbers, I am happiest when I am working with my hands and making things. Like when I was 10 and making more friendship bands than I had friends to give to.

After a few years of working, I found myself designing false eyelashes. And not just the daily wear kind, I played with feathers, swarovski crystals, beads, glitter, the full works.

That business grew and took me away from home often. With two young children to care for, I made the decision to work from home instead. That's when I discovered that I loved making jewellery. I then did something that I said I wouldn't do again after I graduated. I went back to school to study as a fine jewellery designer.

Now, my work day typically starts at 8am after I have packed the children off to school. I create the jewellery, style them, take pictures of them, write about them, pack orders, hop to the post office, answer customer emails and engage with customers on social media. It is so fulfilling.

Back in school, my teachers always wrote in my report book that I'm bubbly. So I hope these positive and happy vibes get across to you through the jewellery I make for you. I am in love with nature, and if you follow me on social media, you'll see flowers, sky lines and the beaches that inspire me.

My husband, children and family are so supportive of my designing career. My sisters-in-law proudly wear my designs and I am so grateful for all of that. And of course, my journey wouldn't be complete without you, my dear customer. I'm always happy to meet you at craft fairs or pop ups and deeply appreciate your support all this time.

I look forward to growing up with you. :)

With love,
Juat Li